I have been where you are. Confused, loaded with questions or just needing some fresh perspective. In the eight years of photography business and had so many questions regarding photography, editing, business, everything! I relied on more seasoned professionals to help guide me. By attending workshops and a lot of trial and error, I was able to turn out 20+ weddings a year and make a stable income. I love having the chance to share all of my knowledge with anybody who wants to know. After offering in-person classes in the Charlotte, NC market, I found that I really enjoyed working more 1 on 1 with individuals to answer all of their questions and address their specific needs.

I enjoy the in-person sessions best because I can sit and physically help with camera set ups, adjustments, editing, and much more.

Who is mentoring for?

Whether you are starting a photography business, a parent taking photos of their kids, a small business owner looking to take photos of their products, mentoring sessions might be a good option for you. You do not need to have any prior photography experience to do a 1:1 session. We can cover any topic of that you are interested in. Topics may include:

  • Digital Photography

  • Film Photography

  • Personal Kid Photography

  • Wedding Photography & Business

  • Equipment & Set up

  • Editing

  • Business

Mentoring 1:1 Session Includes

  • Up to 2 hours of instructional conversation to review topics of your choice. You choose how much time you’d like to spend. In-person only.

  • Questionairre sent prior to your session to help Allison prepare for out meeting.

  • Location TBD in South Charlotte, North Carolina