About Allison

Living in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2007, I have experienced the growth of entrepreneurs and creative professionals in this area and have been so inspired by the talent among different leaders in this market.

I want to help them to continue to grow their business and put their best foot forward through visual branding. Potential clients will make up their mind about your business in less than a second, and I want to help make sure they stick around.

I am particular about consistency, simple and clean images that all can flow together and I’m passionate about sharing what I believe makes a visual design stand out with a few easy tricks.

Photography ended up being my life’s work by accident and I have really enjoyed continuing to grow, meet new people and share my knowledge.

Born and raised in California, graduated from Clemson University and now call North Carolina home. Living at home with my two children and husband. When I’m not photographing I am golfing, baking or rearranging my furniture.